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Animism is a belief common in many different religions and philosophies.

It is the belief that there are spiritual beings in plants and animals.

Many animistic religions also believe that acts of nature, for example – the wind and rain, and geographic features, for example – mountains and rivers, have spirits in them.

Animism believes there is no separation between the spiritual and physical world. The spirits that encompass our planet can exist in any shape or form. Animistic people are united by being “alive” and open to the world in continuos birth, never actually leaving the world they live in.

Animist believe that the the spirit world plays a huge role for their religion. Animism is surrounded by many spirits that the people spend a lot of time seeking for their help and guidance. People will also bribe the spirits with gifts to show their appreciation and hope that the spirits will bring them good luck. The people worship the spirits and have sacred places where they can worship.

As animistic believers, they believe that everyone and everything is equal. For this reason, the people try to preserve the “life” of everything on the planet. The people try to use as little resources as possible so they do not harm or anger a spirit.

The people are very community-centered and their primary concern is the here and now. There are “sacred” places where one can talk with the spirits and work out relationships.

The people try to keep their struggles against each other and the spirits to a minimum. The people believe that if someone has become ill, it may because that person had a negative confrontation with another person, or a spirit. To heal the person who is ill, the conflict must try to be resolved.

Only after the conflict has been fixed will the ill person get better again. To resolve the problem, the person who is ill may have to bring a gift to the spirit, or person who they have had to conflict.

After someone dies, they go through a process of leaving their body. They have an out of body experience where the spirit leaves their body and they then move into another life form. Some people may move from their body into another’s body of about the same age and same sex. This person, a stranger, represents the person who died.

The body that is left behind then goes through a ritual performed by the people. The people take the body and bring it to the surface where they decorate it with many beautiful plants of the sea. Later that day, the people will celebrate the transition from that persons old life, to their new life in the spirit world.

When the children of Esrever reach a certain age, they go through an initiation process where they are assigned where their spirit will go next. A child may be assigned a rock, for instance, which would then be what they will become when they pass to the next life. Each “next life” is important, and none is more important than another.

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