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Preparation of the Temple:

Hazel incense to be burnt (if obtainable, the hazel is mingled with civit).

Several chalices full of strong wine.

Black candles.

Several patens (of silver if possible) containing the consecrated cakes – these are baked the night before by the Priestess and blessed (i.e. dedicated to the Prince of Darkness ) by the Mistress of Earth.

The cakes consist of honey, spring water, sea salt, wheat flour, eggs and animal fat. They should be made into a star shape. One paten is set aside for the ritual hosts. These should be obtained from a Nazarene place of worship – but if this is not possible, they are made by the Priestess if imitation of them (unleavened white hosts).

The Mass

The Priestess signifies the beginning of the Mass by clapping her hands together twice.

The Mistress of Earth turns to the congregation, makes the sign of the inverted pentagram with her left hand, saying:

I will go down to the altars in Hell.

The Priestess responds by saying:

To Satan, the giver of life.

All :
Our Father which wert in heaven hallowed be thy name In heaven as it is on Earth. Give us this day our ecstasy And deliver us to evil as well as temptation For we are your kingdom for aeons and aeons.

May Satan the all-powerful Prince of Darkness

And Lord of Earth

Grant us our desires.

Prince of Darkness, hear us!

I believe in one Prince, Satan, who reigns over this Earth,

And in one Law which triumphs over all. I believe in one Temple,

The Temple of the number 352, and in one Word which triumphs over all:

The Word of Ecstasy. And I believe in the Law of the Aeon,

Which is sacrifice, and in the letting of blood

For which I shed no tears since I give praise to my Prince

The fire-giver and look forward to his reign

And the pleasures that are to come!

The Mistress kisses the Master, then turns to the congregation, saying:

May Satan be with you.

Veni, omnipotens aeternae diabolus!

By the word of the Prince of Darkness, I give praise to you

(She kisses the lips of the altar-Priest)

My Prince, bringer of enlightenment. I greet you

Who cause us to struggle and seek the forbidden thoughts.

(The Master repeats the ‘Veni’ chant)

Blessed are the manipulators for they shall spawn chaos!

(She kisses the forehead of the altar-Priest)

Blessed are the strong for they shall inherit the Earth.

(She kisses the chest of the altar-Priest)

Blessed are the proud for they shall breed gods!

(She kisses the penis of the altar-Priest)

Let the humble and the meek die in their misery!

(She kisses the Master who passes the kiss on to the Priestess who kisses each member of the congregation.

After this, she hands the paten containing the ‘hosts’ to the Mistress. The Mistress holds the paten over the altar-Priest, saying:

Praised are you, my Prince and lover, by the strong:

Through our evil we have this dirt; by our boldness and Strength, it will become for us a joy in this life.

Hail Satan, Prince of life !

(The Mistress places the paten on the body of the altar-Priest, saying quietly:)

Suscipe, Satanas, munus quad tibi offerimus memoriam Recolentes vindex.

(The Priestess, quietly saying ‘Sanctissimi Corporis Satanas’, begins to masturbate the altar-Priest.

As she does, the congregation begin to clap their hands and shout in encouragement while the Master and the Mistress chant the ‘Veni’ chant.

The Priestess allows the semen to fall upon the ‘hosts’, then hands the paten to the Mistress who holds it up before the congregation saying to them:

May the gifts of Satan be forever with you.

As they are with you!

(The Mistress returns the paten to the body of the altar-Priest, takes up one of the chalices, saying:)

Praised are you, my Prince, by the defiant: through our Arrogance and pride

We have this drink: let it become for us an elixir of life.

(She sprinkles some of the wine over the altar-Priest and towards the congregation, then returns the chalice to the altar, saying to the congregation:)

With pride in my heart I give praise to those who drove The nails And he who thrust the spear into the body of Yeshua, The imposter. May his followers rot in their rejection and filth!

(The Master addresses the congregation saying:)

Do you renounce Yeshua, the great deciever, and all his works

We do renounce the Nazarene Yeshua, the great deceiver

And all his works.

Do you affirm Satan?

All :
We do affirm Satan!

(The Master begins to vibrate ‘Agios o Satanas’ while the Mistress picks up the paten with the ‘hosts’ and turns to the congregation, saying:)

I who am the joys and pleasures of life which strong men

Have forever sought, am come to show you my body and my blood.

(She gives the paten to the Priestess, then removes the robe of the Priestess, saying:)

Remember, all you gathered here, nothing is beautiful except Man:

But most beautiful of all is Woman.

(The Priestess gives the paten back to the Mistress, then takes the chalices and consecrated cakes to the congregation who eat and drink. When all have finished, the Mistress holds up the paten, saying:)

Behold, the dirt of the earth which the humble will eat!

(The congregation laughs while the Mistress flings the ‘hosts’ at them which they trample underfoot while the Master continues with the ‘Agios o Satanas’ vibration. The Mistress claps her hands three times to signal to the congregation.

She then says: Dance, I command you!

(The congregation then begin a dance, counter sunwise, chanting ‘Satan! Satan!’ while they dance. The Priestess catches them one by one, kisses the person caught and then removes their robe after which they return to the dance.

The Mistress stands in the centre of the dancers, and uplifting her arms, saying:)

Let the church of the imposter Yeshua crumble into dust

Let all the scum who worship the rotting fish suffer and die in their misery and rejection!

We trample on them and spit of their sin!

Let there be ecstasy and darkness; let there be chaos and laughter,

Let there be sacrifice and strife: but above all let us enjoy

The gifts of life!

(She signals to the Priestess who stops the dancer of her choice. The congregation then pair off, and the orgy of lust begins. The Mistress helps the altar-Priest down from the altar, and he joins in the festivities if he wishes.)

Should the Master and Mistress wish, the energies of the ritual are then directed by them towards a specific intention (Such as strengthening the WSA nexion as a whole).

NOTES: During the ‘consecration’ of the ‘hosts’, the Master may opt to say the following quietly

(leaving the Veni chant to the Mistress):

Muem suproc mine tse coh

He then takes up the chalice, saying:

Murotaccep menoissimer ni rutednuffe sitlum orp iuq iedif muiretsym itnematset inretea ivon iem siniugnas

xilac mine tse cih.

It is this chalice which the Mistress then takes to sprinkle the altar-Priest. The above words are usually printed on a small card which is placed on the altar before the Mass begins: the Master using the card when the above is spoken.

As with all ceremonial rituals, it is helpful if all participants know from memory the content and spoken text. It is important that this is done and that the ritual, when undertaken, follows the text on every occasion.

The ritual then is more effective as a ritual, enabling the participants to be both more relaxed and more able to enter into the spirit of the rite.


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