Mind Control

Mind Control

When learning to control your mind, and to reach a magickal trance, you need to be able to control the rest of your body so that you can make your mind do what you need it to do.

The best way is to start off by training your body to be completely motionless. Some may think that this is very easy, however, it is not. It is one of the more difficult things you will have to do.

The benefits of this are not only helpful to your mind, but also good for your body as well. It is like being able to relax your whole body at once.

The method of accomplishment this is as follows: Arrange your body in a comfortable position, this could be any postition, be it sitting, standing or what have you. Remain in that position for as long as possible. Try not to blink or move any of your body at all. Do not let the mind wander with long trains of thought.

Observe yourself passively, so as not to make you think about what you feel or see. What appeared to be a comfortable postition may become agonizing in time, but persist with it! Set time aside each day to do this excercise. If you can do this 15 times in a row, on separate days, for over 5 minutes each, it is time to move on to the next excercise. Breathing, a very important body function. To do this you need to be able to do the motionlessness excercise, they go hand in hand, in a way.

The aim with this excercise is to use the full capacity of your lungs without any added muscular effort or strain. This is also a good excercise for smokers…Helps you breathe! The method is as follows: Stay as motionless as possible and begin to make your breathing slower and deeper. The lungs can be empty or full, and you can hold it, to lengthen the time between breaths. When this can be done for 30 minutes, you can move on to stopping thought.

The motionlessness and breathing techniques help prepare you for not thinking or stopping thought. Stopping thought is the beginnings of magickal trance. This trance is what you will need to call on will, whenever you want when you perform magick. The method is as follows: While motionless, and breathing deeply, begin to withdraw the mind from thoughts that may arise. The attempt to do this will show you that your mind is full of activity.

Only determination can win even a few seconds of mental silence, this is good, even if only a little bit at first. It is progress. Aim for complete control over arising thoughts and try to lengthen the periods of total silence in your mind. Like physical motionlessness, the mental motionlessness, it needs to be practiced every day, preferably at set times. This is a continuing excercise that one should do, no matter the level of magickian.

Mind Control  – By Rev. Satrinah Nagash

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