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Conscious Transformation

To transform in ourselves the substance that the Earth requires of us is a simple enough process. Perhaps the hardest thing about it is to remember to do it. The transformation takes place whilst eating physical matter and during this function we are to assume again the nature of original man. Do this in three stages.

Become present within your physical body

When you are fully present in your physical body you feel a sense of contact with each part of it simultaneously. The physical body is a single unit, not a collection of distinct parts. Most people are only present between their eyes. When you are present in you physical body it becomes a single complete unit, rather than a collection of half forgotten parts. Don’t worry if you don’t feel this sense of oneness at the moment. With a little conscious direction the separate parts can be linked up again. The method of achieving this involves the process of ‘self re-membering’ and is perhaps the single most worthwhile exercise that a person can practice. We must lead the exodus out of our heads and regain the forgotten land.

Take a few minutes, on a regular basis throughout the day, to be still and relax. Then by using the inner sensations present within the body visit each ‘part’ and experience the feeling there. You will notice a tingling sensation arises wherever you attention dwells. Take care not to force these feelings by bringing the imagination into play but allow yourself to feel the sensation that is there in a passive receptive way. Sense the whole body while taking care not to visualize these parts, just allow the sensual energy from the different parts of your body to register in you awareness.

You may be suprised to find that some areas of your body have a different quality of sensation in them. It is also not uncommon for forgotten events from your past and even dreams from the previous night to pop back into your consciousness as you enter into the awareness of these different parts. If these fragments of remembrance do occur try to put them aside until the exercise is finished.

Once you have succeeded in placing your attention in each area of your body and got the feel of the feelings there you can gradually link up these sensations until you are sensing the body as a single whole unit. You are the awareness of your body, after all.

Perhaps it is best to start with one of the feet. Take some time and get the full inner sensation of it as it fills to the skin. Feel the full dimensions of it. Don’t rush the process, you don’t have to do the whole body at one time. After you have the full inner sensation of the foot move up a little to the ankle and feel that area. Then move to the calf area and so on. As you go, link up the feeling of the foot with the feeling of the ankle and the feeling of the foot and ankle with the calf…etc. Continue this process until the entire body is covered and you have created a whole inner body of sensation within the physical body. By the time you have achieved this, and it may take many small practice sessions spanning several weeks, you will be well on the way to the proper sense of physical presence as was once felt naturally and continuously by normal, pre-trauma man.

This exercise is simple, powerful and very beneficial. Certainly worthy of a few minutes practice per day, particularly in the morning before engaging in the world and all its affairs but any spare moment during the day can be used to enjoy this practice. Eventually the sense of physical wholeness you gain will stay with you longer and longer after each session, until eventually you will have completely ‘re-membered’ yourself and no distraction will be able to divide you.

Observe the Breath

Once you are whole and physically present begin to pay attention to your breathing. Feel the air fill the lungs and feel the air as it leaves the lungs. Continue to maintain an awareness of the breathing cycle without attempting to change it, just ‘observe’ the breath. Remain physically centred during this practice.

Engage perception

While remaining physically ‘present’ and gently observing the cycle of breathing place a comfortable amount of food in your mouth. Begin to chew the food and as you do so engage your perception in all its fullness. See what you see around you, the colour and the forms of things. Hear what you hear around you, smell what you smell and especially taste what you taste in all its flavour and texture. Rejoice in the information of your perception. Chew and salivate thoroughly, (the saliva is an important medium), then swallow. Repeat this process until the food is consumed.

This simple practice is the sacred ritual we engage in when eating which not only consciously provides the earth with the substance we were designed to produce but also provides much of benefit to ourselves. The practice of saying grace before a meal, which has now either died out or degenerated into impotent mumblings was an ancient form of this ritual practice.

A last and rather obvious point is to mention that natural, fresh foodstuffs eaten in small but regular quantities throughout the day are the most beneficial.

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