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Conspiracy Theories


A conspiracy theory is a story that says that a group of people (“conspirators”) have agreed (“conspired”) to do illegal or evil things and hide them from the public. Conspiracy theories usually have little or no evidence. Many conspiracy theories say that certain historical events were actually caused by such conspirators.

List of Conspiracy Theories :

Airship of 1897
In 1897,years before any known terrestrial agency had accomplished heavier-than-air flight, members of a secret society in contact with extraterrestrials ...
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ANTHRAX conspiracies
Anthrax is a spore-forming bacillus that is deadly to humans and is transmitted in three different forms: cutaneous (contracted through ...
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ELF Conspiracy researchers are convinced that ELF has been used for mind control and has been responsible for many alleged ...
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Contrails and Chemtrails
CONTRAILS AND CHEMTRAILS We’ve all grown used to seeing those white vapor trails left in the sky by jet aircraft ...
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Black Helicopters
BLACK HELICOPTERS Since the 1980s,hundreds of men and women have reported being harassed and spied upon by mysterious unmarked black ...
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Biochip Implants
BIOCHIP IMPLANTS The secret government,working together with the Illuminati and the New World Order,plans to chip-implant and track all Americans ...
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Big Brother
Conspiracy theorists say that the warning is no longer a literary allusion—Big Brother really is watching us. The classic 1984 ...
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AIDS/HIV Conspiracy theorists argue that AIDS did not come out of Africa,but out of secret government laboratories that created this ...
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