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Alugor: According to the Munich Handbook, this duke of Hell has fifty legions at his command.
When summoned, he appears as a knight. He is splendidly outfitted, and he approaches the magician bearing a lance, a scepter, and a banner. A martial demon, Alugor is especially skilled at providing warriors for protection or aggression. When requested, he can call knights to fight for the magician.

He is also skilled at more subtle acts of conquest, for he can whisper in the ear of any knight,king, or marquis the world over and make them favorably disposed to the magician. In addition to all this, Alugor can also reveal the mysteries of the occult and foretell the outcome of duels. Compare his name and powers to those of the Goetic demon Eligor.

Source : The Dictionary of Demons written by Michelle Belanger.

Demons - Alugor

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Demons - Alugor

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Demons - Alugor

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