Anituel: A demon named in the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. This magickal text, purporting to date to the days of the biblical Patriarch himself but actually written in the 1800s, is fraught with internal inconsistencies. Chief among them is the exact spelling of this demon's name. On his sigil, the name appears as Aniouel, while above the sigil the name is rendered Antquelis.

The three vastly different versions of the demon's name, all presented together in the same manuscript, are somewhat baffling, and it is difficult to identify which name is strictly correct. Regardless of the quandary presented by its three different names, the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses explains that this prince of spirits will appear as a serpent of Paradise when summoned, assuming much the same guise as the evil spirit that tempted Eve. Among his offices, Anituel oversees honors among men, conferring these or great wealth, as his summoner commands.

Source : Dictionary of Demons by Michelle Belanger

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