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Ariton: Sometimes also known as Egin or Egyn, this demon's name likely derives from the Greek word arhreton, which Mathers defines as meaning “secret” or “mysterious.” In the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, Ariton is listed as one of eight sub-princes in an extended demonic hierarchy that includes such familiar faces as Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Astaroth. He is also named as one of the four demons who preside over the cardinal directions. Under his alternate name of Egyn, he oversees the north.

According to both Mathers and Agrippa, Ariton's equivalent in jewish lore is the demon Azael. In the Abramelin material, this demon is attributed with the power to discover hidden treasure. He knows the past, present, and future, and can cause people to have visions. He can make spirits appear and take any form, and he can also give familiars. In addition, Ariton is reputed to have the power to revive the dead. He reveals the identities of thieves, gifts people with the power of flight, and can make warriors manifest to protect his charges. Notably, a demon with the name Aratron appears as the spirit of Saturn in several works.

Source : Dictionary of Demons by Michelle Belanger


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