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Asflas: A servant of the demon-king Albunalich, who rules in the north over the element of earth.

Asflas is a hard-working demon who is described as being both even-tempered and patient. According to the Driscoll edition of the Sworn Book, Asflas jealously guards e treasures of the earth, but he will bestow old and gems upon those who have gained his favor. He has a fondness for certain incenses and perfumes, and he is more likely to manifest if these are burned in his name. He tells the future, imparting knowledge of things to come, and he is also versed in events from the past.

He has the power to manipulate the emotions, inspiring anger and rancor even between friends. He is also a greedy guardian of the treasures of the earth, and if someone he does not like goes seeking these treasures, he will wear them down and frustrate their goals.

Source: The Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned by Michelle Belanger


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