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Vassago -Demon and Spirit of Solomon
The Demon Vassago is a Fallen Angel and third of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Vassago is a prince who has the same nature as Agares. He discerns past, present, and future. He discovers all things lost or hidden. Good-natured, he is invoked in divination rituals. He rules 26 Legions of Demons.
Vassago - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

Step by Step Instructions on How to Summon Vassago :

Vassago - Demon and Spirit of Solomon
From “The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King” (1904) Written by S.L. MacGregor Mathers

The Third Spirit is a Mighty Prince, being of the same nature as Agares. He is called Vassago. This Spirit is of a Good Nature, and his office is to declare things Past and to Come, and to discover all things Hid or Lost. And he governeth 26 Legions of Spirits, and this is his Seal.

The Seal of Vassago
The Seal of Vassago

Vassago - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From the Luciferian Goetia ( 2007 ) – Written by Michael Ford

“Vassago is an angelic ruler of the tarot; silently invoked this Prince may produce impulses and initiatory associations via the tarot thus allowing instinct to grow with an association of such tools’ of divination. Vassago is also ideal for the willed divination of future initiation, a Gateway to the Luciferian Realm of Spiritual development. Vassago appears in the black mirror as a wind-rushed robed spirit who is both angel and Demonic shadow, who has many arms and talon-fingers.”

Vassago - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From the “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum” ( 1583 )written by Johann Weyer (Johann Wier)

Vassago is not mentioned in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum

Vassago - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From the “Dictionnaire Infernal” (edition of 1863 ) Written by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy

We have looked it up but it seems that the Demon Vassago is not mentioned in the Dictionnaire Infernal

Vassago - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

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Vassago - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

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