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Dowsing, frequently called water witching or doodlebugging (USA), is a method of divination for discovering water, metals, and minerals, in or under ground that appears to have arisen in the context of Renaissance magic in Germany and has remained popular since. Dowsers, sometimes known as diviners, also use a forked branch of a tree, bent pieces of metal or plastic wire, or a small pendulum.

Some people use no pointing device at all as other claim to be able to find water or minerals by dowsing a map.
Dowsing is distinguishable from a related divinatory method called radiesthesia because the latter method not only attempts to discover inanimate but animate objects as well such as missing person, and also is used in the detection of illnesses and prescribing their treatment.

However, almost everywhere the terms dowsing and radiesthesia have became synonymous.
As with dowsing, there is also the phenomena of teleradiesthesia or superpendulism. This is the phenomena where the sensitive person does not go to the actual location of the sought after object, but a map of the location is brought to him
There is no accepted scientific rationale behind the concept and no scientific evidence that it works.

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