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Here is a list of the most famous Vampires :

If anyone talks of Vampires it is inevitable that the image of a bat comes to mind, they have influenced our concept of Vampires prominently.
In various cultures the image of the bat are so different according to cultural backgrounds. In South America the bat god Camazotz lived in the Bathouse of the Underworld. In Europe because bats are night creatures , they are considered to have supernatural powers. Gypsies on the other hand thought they brought luck so they wore handmade charms made of bat bones. In England the Wakefield crest depict bats.

The Spanish Conquistadors in the 16th century noticed the similarity in the feeding habits of bats and those of the mythical Vampires, this was long before the association was made by different well known authors . The most well known of these Bram Stoker and the image he created of Vampires showing their close relationship to bats.

Vampires were unknown in England before the 18th century. The first time Vampire was used in the English language was round about 1732. This was after publicized reports of Vampire attacks in Europe at the time. One of the most popular reports was the staking of Arnold Paole.
During this century it was considered that Vampires did truly exist, especially with reports of Vampire attacks in Eastern Prussia and Austro-Hungary between 1721 and 1734.

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