Good Vs. Evil, it only exists in your mind.

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One of the most self destructive things christianity teaches it to be ashamed of “evil” or sinful things. Satanism teaches to not be ashamed of your personal choices, be disappointed, but not ashamed.

The only problem is when people start to think of themselves badly for doing something. Your “conscience” (as in the christian concept of what tells you what is good and evil) is one of the most self damaging and depressing things a human can have. So many people have been brain washed and feel bad for certain things that are positive to basic human nature. Don’t forget you are a human, do not override your true self with some fake implanted ideas of good and evil. Good and evil are concepts, they only exist if you think in terms with them.

Satanists think in the original way of nature such as:
good (what you like) and bad (what you dont like). There is no pure good or bad, there are things that have a bad side, but it all just depends on how you look at it.

Still don’t understand…

Here’s an example of the same idea of good and evil:

From now on i have made 2 new words:

mn and nm are now words. mn means talking to someone, walking, and sleeping, but in a negative way saying they are not “good” things to do, in other words they are just like “evil” things.
now nm means not doing the mn things, now a very nm thing to do is to not breath when people are present, if you need to breath go in another room to do so.

Now that i have created some more morals for believers to follow are you going to follow them? Or will you realize they are just labels that have nothing worth caring about? Now you most likely think that the nm and mn thing was really pointless, it was (besides proving my point), it has specific things that people do that are considerd mn or nm. That is exactly like good vs. evil.

Definition of evil: sinfull or harmfull

sinfull is just a bunch of human things people do that have been labeled as a sin, and these are evil things to do. Nm and mn have the same concept, just a different example of the same thing happening! When you analyze what some people beleive, it makes you realize how gullible some people really are (christians).

I am not saying to be evil and i am not saying to be good. I am saying don’t be either one, be yourself.

As I have quoted Aleister Crowley many times before i will do it again:
“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” -Aleister Crowley. The law as in labeling thing evil.

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