Madame Brigitte

Madame BrigitteBrigitte, Madame

Also known as: Maman Brigitte; La Grande Brigitte; Brijit (Kreyol); Mother Bridget (New Orleans)

Origin: Haiti

Classification: Lwa

Madame Brigitte is married to Baron Samedi
Madame Brigitte is married to Baron Samedi

Madame Brigitte is Queen of the Cemetery and Spirit World. She is married to Baron Samedi and is venerated and petitioned alongside him, especially for fertility and healing. The Baron and Brigitte are invoked on behalf of terminally ill children. If Baron Samedi frightens you, Madame Brigitte may be petitioned to intercede on your behalf.

Brigitte has tremendous powers of her own: she is not dependent on her husband. Madame Brigitte is an avatar of Brigid, who was brought to Haiti by Scots and Irish indentured servants. She evolved in Haiti, transformed into a lwa, and wed the Baron; however songs suing in her honor still recall that she originally came from Scotland. La Grande Brigitte travels well: Haitian refugees carried her to New Orleans, where she is also actively venerated.

• Madame Brigitte is invoked to protect one’s children serving in the military.

• She is invoked for healing or for financial prosperity (especially when a quick fix of cash is desperately needed).

• Madame Brigitte serves as a judge in the Court of Spirits: invoke her for justice if it is not forthcoming elsewhere.

• Invoke her help in regular courts, too: petition her for success with court cases and legal issues.

Madame Brigitte is syncretized to Mary Magdalen, whose image may be used to represent her.

Manifestation: Madame Brigitte is traditionally envisioned as a white woman.

Attribute: Cross

Days: Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday, depending on tradition

Colors: Purple, black, violet

Number: 9

Trees: Elms and weeping willows; Madame Brigitte lives in trees within the graveyard.

Altar: In the cemetery, rocks are arranged ascairns or pyramids to serve as an altar for Brigitte; arrange cemetery rocks on home altars.

Offerings: Violets and purple irises; black coffee; rum in which many small extremely hot peppers have been steeped (she really likes those hot peppers; add them to her offerings as appropriate); over-proof rum; red wine; nine purple eggplants; black beans and rice; corn meal; corn bread; roast corn.

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From the Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses– Written by Judika Illes Copyright © 2009 by Judika Illes.


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