Modern Society is Satanic in Ideology: Mark Passio on Satanism and Mind Control

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Another wonderful presentation by Mark Passio. 99% of people in modern society actively practices Satanic Ideals, and don’t even know it. Eye opening presentation you will not want to miss!

Mark details how he woke up and got involved with these esoteric and occult knowledge. Mark grew up in a heavily dogmatic Catholic family and turned to Satanism in his youth as a way to rebel. After moderate success with his local musical band, he was contacted by someone from the Church of Satan and was recruited to be a priest. When Mark started going to the meetings he saw bankers, doctors lawyers and high society types filling in the ranks. Mark began to realize that the world was much more intertwined with the Occult then he had ever thought possible. Eventually he turned away from Satanism and has been rediscovering the truth about ourselves and modern religion ever since. Mark finally discovered the truth, that Satanism, just like all modern religions is a form of modern mind control meant to keep your from attaining Self Mastery.

As a former member, Mark clarifies the misunderstood religion of Satanism, which is meant to hold the consciousness of the initiate in a controlled state. All Religion whether Christianity or Satanism, is meant to keep YOU the partitioner in a closed consciousness state, never attaining the level of self mastery needed to take up your true purpose in life.

Satanism’s key ideologies, according to Mark are:

• Survival of the Fittest; Egocentric (your personal survival is the most important, all else is expendable);

• No objective Truth Exists – Only subjective truth (only your truth is what matters, all else is a fiction);

• Dominion over all – except the self (doing anything and everything in your power to get your way, even if it means killing, stealing, cheating, raping, etc);

• Your material success is all that matters;

The Modern form of Satanism is what I liked to call “Psychopathic Capitalism” – making a buck at the cost of either yourself, others or the environment. If we look honestly at our world it should be easy to see the whole planet seems to act in this way at large. The total abandonment of Morality and the idea of “the ends justify the means” is pervasive in our modern world; Frank O’Collins describes this as Mind Virus.

This is interesting because we find so many ideologies and organizations which on the surface promote good things, but the effect overall creates a subservient acolyte. True self mastery unifies mind – body – spirt, thought – word – action, and clears away the blockages of mind which prevent you from realizing your full potential.

– Justin –

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