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Saint Jane Frances de Chantal
Dijon and Moulins, France (1572–1641)
Beatified: 1751
Canonized: 1767
Patron: people who feel abandoned and people with in-law problems
Feast day: August 12

Unlike many saints, Jane Frances didn’t immediately turn to a life of religious service. Her mother died when she was quite young, leaving her upbringing to her father. Jane married the Baron de Chantal, and for nine years she lived a peaceful and religious life as a good wife and mother of four children. A hunting accident claimed the life of her husband, leaving Jane Frances to sink into a deep depression. Upon the urgings of her father, Jane devoted her life to her children as well as to the poor and sick in her area.

She also ministered to the dying, to whom she offered much comfort, and continued to practice works of charity, mortifications, and prayer. Following a Lenten retreat and hearing the great Francis de Sales, Jane wanted to enter the cloistered Carmelite Nuns. Francis became Jane’s spiritual director, regulating her penances and devotional practices and sharing with her his vision of a new community of sisters, the Visitation Sisters of Holy Mary. Jane expressed great interest in helping Francis to establish this new community.

Jane overcame many obstacles in seeing the dream become a reality. She left her son with her father and took her three daughters to the convent. Within a year, one daughter passed away; the other two eventually married. The deaths of her father, son, son-in-law, and many sisters from the plague added to Jane’s suffering.

In 1641, Jane died at the age of 69 in the state of grace and was buried near Saint Francis de Sales in Annecy, France. In 1722, her tomb was unearthed, and with the exception of some mold on her habit, Jane’s body was perfectly intact. During the French Revolution in 1793, the relics of Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane Francis de Chantal were carried by boat and hidden during the night for protection until the restoration of the church in 1806.

In the restoration, the relics suffered much, and only the bones remained of the two saints. Saint Jane was canonized in 1767 and her relics are on display for veneration at the Basilica of the Visitation. The bones are dressed in the habit of the order and a wax mask covers her face.

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