Satanic Meditation

Satanic meditation is not a special type of meditating, it is just like any other meditation.

Meditation: it is when you are in between awake and sleep. Your mind is still working as well as it would if u were awake, but your body is asleep, leaving your mind to be able 2 explore at its highest level. its like what red bull wishes they could do… give your mind wings….

There is nothing required for meditation (except your mind), but what i have found can help is:

calmness, you must be calm because moving your body is the exact opposite of what you are trying 2 do. The only part of you moving should be your lungs so that your mind will get the oxygen it needs.
stable, you must be stable, i recommend laying flat on your back, but some people will do this as a challenge to be able 2 hold their arm up in the air as long as they can to exercise their meditation.

No distractions, this will awaken you

Why do people dream? it is to prepare you for the next day, it is a predictions of what your mind thinks could happen the next day, so its going over the possibilities to help you decide things on what to do the next day. Meditation expands your thoughts on a subject, to analyze everything that may come out of it. Satanists ussually meditate when doing a ritual to enhance their thoughts on the subject.

In short: meditation’s point to meditating is to enhance your mind on one subject

Choose your position of how to meditate, laying flat on your back works well, laying on your back or upside down lets blood circulate easier.

Clear your mind of everything, except what you will be focusing on, sometimes you will focus on nothing, so you will sometimes need to clear your mind of exactly EVERYTHING, depending on what you want
Now focus and focus on your body as it is, how ever you are at the moment with your eyes closed.
When you feel you have focused on that enough, imagine your surrounding – or whatever you are meditating on.

Commonly you do not focus on anything except yourself, just feel how your body rests. To bring feeling into this sometimes people will imagine hot drying liquid covering their body and feel the liquid pouring over them, until it dries and they remain covered in this until awakened.

Just remember to breath heavy at one constant speed.

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