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A suggestion is an idea that one suggests, or says is good for another (or others) to follow. Some people may agree to it, and some may disagree. If they disagree or have a different suggestion, the person who first suggested the idea will usually discuss with the other people and find a good conclusion that satisfies both and is good.

Modern scientific study of hypnosis,separates two essential factors: “trance” and suggestion. The state of mind induced by “trance” is said to come about via the process of a hypnotic induction—essentially instructing and suggesting to the subject that they will enter a hypnotic state.

Once a subject enters hypnosis, the hypnotist gives suggestions that can produce sought effects. Commonly used suggestions on measures of “suggestibility” or “susceptibility” include suggestions that one’s arm is getting lighter and floating up in the air, or that a fly is buzzing around one’s head.

The “classic” response to an accepted suggestion that one’s arm is beginning to float in the air is that the subject perceives the intended effect as happening involuntarily.

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