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Raphael The Lord’s Healer Also known as: Rafael; Israfel; Afarol; Afarof; Afriel Raphael, Regent of the Sun, is the archangel of healing. He is the star of the apocryphal Book of Tobit, in which he performs miraculous cures and explains how to vanquish powerful Demons. Raphael is the angel of joy, love, and compassion. He vies with Michael and Gabriel …

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Michael : Captain of the Lord’s House; Prince of the Heavenly Host. If there was ever an angelic popularity contest, it’s likely that Michael Archangel would win.

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Gabriel (man of God) In Jewish, Christian, and Islamic mythology, archangel. Feast: 18 March in the Western church. Gabriel plays a prominent role in the Bible as a messenger of God. He first announces to Daniel the return of the Jews from their captivity (Dan. 8:16) and explains the vision of the various nations (Dan. 9:21). In the New Testament …

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