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Kush pari

Kush pari A legendary Armenian winged spirit in the form of a bird. The name comes from the Turkish word for bird (kush) and the Persian word for winged spirit (pari). Taken from the Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend, Third Edition – Written by Anthony S. Mercatante & James R. Dow Copyright © 2009 by Anthony S. Mercatante Back …

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Hotots are in Armenian folklore, evil spirits who live in the rivers and swamps. When they appear, they are covered with mire. They entice men with dancing, jesting, and singing, luring them to the swamps, where they drown them. Their companions, the old hags, who have breasts resembling those of ewes, live in pools and swamps. They like to drown …

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Habërmani : An Armenian sorcerer prince disguises himself as a snake and hides in a pile of firewood that an old man has gathered and taken home. In the evening, he reveals himself to the old man and his wife. The snake tells the old man that he should go to the king and ask for the hand of his …

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Hayk In Armenian folklore, hero who freed his people from the tyranny of King Bel of Babylonia. Hayk was a handsome giant with fine limbs, curly hair, bright smiling eyes, and strong arms. The bow and the triangular arrow were his weapons. Hayk freed his people, who lived in the plain of Shinar, from the tyranny of King Bel and …

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Aram is in Armenian folklore, a hero who conquered Barshamina, the giant. Barshamina ruled a great land, which Aram conquered; Aram made himself king and forced the people to learn Armenian. Some scholars believe that Aram was originally an Armenian war god, Aremenius; and the giant Barshamina was none other than the Syrian god Ba’al Shamin, the lord of heaven, …

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Ara is in Armenian mythology, a handsome hero who died in battle and was restored to life. An evil queen, Semiramis, heard how handsome Ara was and sent messengers to propose that he marry her. Ara rejected the offer because he was married to Nvard, whom he deeply loved. Semiramis, upset by the refusal, sent an army against the hero, …

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