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Hand of Glory

The hand of glory is the severed hand of a hanged murderer, magically preserved, once was used as a ChArm in black-magic spells and was believed to aid burglars in breaking into homes and buildings. The hand of glory was the right hand of a murderer, ideally severed while the corpse still swung from the gallows, or cut during an …

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The Grimoires are handbooks of magic that provide instructions for rituals, the casting of spells, the procuring of treasure and love, the procuring of Familiars, and the evocation and control of spirits, including Demons andAngels, to perform tasks. Grimoire is a French term for “grammar book.” Although any handbook of magic could be called a grimoire, the term usually applies …

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True Black Magic

Also called The Secrets of Secrets, this black magic grimoire purportedly was written in the 1600s by a magician named Toscraec, who claimed that it was based on a centuries-old manuscript written in an unknown language. Toscraec said he was only able to translate the manuscript with the help of an angel. It probably was written in the 18th century. …

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The Essence of Black Magick

Black magick is typically seen as something purely arcane, having no basis in the more standard and popular religions throughout the world. It’s seen as taboo, and common belief is that modern religions, like Christianity, would have nothing to do with something so macabre. This is completely untrue. Not only does modern religion embrace black magick as existing, but the …

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Black Magick Manifesto

Manifestum Infernalis vel Manifestum Magiae Atrae (infernal manifesto or Black Magick manifesto) 1. You are free to understand the zero as a balance of forces rather than as a nothing. Therefore the most simple manifestation of creation is in pairs, but there are also more complex forms of creation, more complex forms of the zero. 2. You are free to …

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The Practitioners of Black Magick

Black Magick means extreme power. This power is the result of a science that encompasses the human being as a whole. It deals with the human being as he or she stands in life rather than building its principles upon the well-known rather weak basis of ideals and religious dogma. For this reason Black Magick involves knowing your own nature …

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