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Ekeko Also known as: Iqiqu (Aymara) Origin: Aymara (Andes) Ekeko, spirit of joy, abundance, and good luck, was born in the Andes but has now traveled all over the world. Ekeko, Lord of Abundance, is originally from Bolivia. His traditional image serves as a talisman to attract luck, wealth, and fertility. Since the 1970s, Ekeko has been veneratedworldwide. Place Ekeko’s …

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Supay, China

Supay, China Also known as: Tía (“Auntie”) and Awicha Origin: Bolivia China Supay is Supay’s female counterpart and consort. She sometimes shares altars with her husband. They may be invoked together on behalf of the safety of miners. China Supay is considered with ambivalence. On one hand, like her husband, she is identified with the devil, on the other she …

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Supay Origin: Bolivia Also known as: El Tio (“The Uncle”) Supay is the spirit of Bolivia’s mines and patron of miners. He is the master of mineral seams and can bestow or withhold wealth and success. He gives minerals as gifts or hides them. He can provide safety or cause accidents; he can lead someone out of the mine or …

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Classification: Vampire The Abchanchu roams Bolivian roads in the guise of a doddering, frail old man. He appears confused and disoriented, like someone’s helpless old grandpa, and so inevitably a Good Samaritan volunteers to help him. That’s the Abchanchu’s ploy. As soon as opportunity allows, out pop the fangs; his fragility is revealed to be an illusion as the Abchanchu …

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