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Boothe Homestead

The town of Stratford, Connecticut, is home to a piece of property with a rich and mysterious history. The Boothe Homestead sits among 32 acres filled with a picturesque landscape, unique architecture, and an even more interesting history. Stratford was originally organized in 1639, and this property is perhaps the most remarkable in Fairfield County. The original home dates back …

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Windham Textile History Museum

For almost 130 years, this building has stood on the corner of Union and Main Streets. Down the road are the rows of houses built to accommodate the workers. If you were a foreman, you could live further up in town away from the common workers. If you were an owner or manager, you lived in the “hill section” (still …

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Carousel Gardens Restaurant

William H. Wooster came to Seymour in 1878, having been born in Waterbury, Connecticut. He was known as a captain of industry. He started a bank, the water company, a manufacturing company, and was involved with the schools and church in Seymour. He was often referred to as the founder of Seymour. Mr. Wooster believed he should be living in …

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Daniel Benton Homestead

Upon first glance at the Daniel Benton Homestead, it would appear a quaint, colonial home in a quiet setting. But there is a very tragic story held within its walls—a love affair involving two young people whose lives were cut short. However, whether any living person is around or not, the house is alive with paranormal activity. The Benton Homestead …

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The White Lady of Easton

The White Lady of Easton has been spotted walking along Route 59, Sport Hill Road, and within Union Cemetery. She’s darted in front of passing cars, she’s vanished when motorists pull over to offer help, and, according to one witness, she’s been struck by a car— enough to cause damage to the vehicle. The driver, a local fireman, was stunned, …

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