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Rico D’s Pizza Ristorante – Willow Springs

In the Willow Springs section on the south side of Chicago, along a stretch of infamous Archer Avenue, is a haunted building that stands alone, considering the legendary reputation of the mobster who once owned it. That mobster was Al Capone. The basement of the building held the illegal alcohol, the first floor is where the bar was (and still …

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Ashbary Coffee House – Willow Springs

Ashbary Coffee House - Willow Springs

The Ashbary Coffee House is in the legendary haunted area of Archer Avenue in Willow Springs, Illinois. I came upon this location when I was looking for a meeting place for my organization’s members. It seems I was drawn to the location. I didn’t know it was haunted, but that soon changed. The manager, Deanna, informed me that many strange …

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Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery One of the Chicago area’s most haunted sites, with a long history of more than 100 reports of paranormal phenomena occurring there. It is often called one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world, fascinating ghost investigators and ghost thrillseekers for decades. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is a small, one-acre plot near the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve …

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Biograph Theater

Biograph Theater Chicago theater thought to be haunted by the ghost of bank robber John Dillinger. The Biograph Theater is located on the north side of town and gained fame when Dillinger was gunned down near the alley outside on July 22, 1934. Dillinger (1903–1934) enjoyed a spectacular career as a robber, earning him the title of the first Public …

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First Unitarian Church of Alton

First Unitarian Church of Alton Church in Alton, Illinois, haunted by the APPARITION of a previous minister who committed SUICIDE. History The First Unitarian Church, located at 110 East Third Street, was built in the 1850s on land once occupied by a Catholic church that had been destroyed by fire. The Unitarian Society formed in Alton in 1836 and met …

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Red Lion Pub – Chicago

Red Lion Pub - Chicago

Red Lion Pub reputed to be the most haunted eating and drinking establishment in Chicago. Numerous visitors and patrons have reported a wide range of haunting phenomena at the Red Lion, but the identities of the ghosts remain uncertain. The Red Lion opened in 1984, in a building on the north side of Chicago that dates to 1882. In its …

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McPike Mansion – Alton

McPike Mansion House in Alton, Illinois, called the “most haunted” site in the region where the Mississippi and Missouri rivers meet. In deteriorated condition, the McPike Mansion is not occupied, but nonetheless draws visitors for the Apparitions seen on the grounds and looking out from the windows. Phenomena inside the mansion also have been experienced. History The McPike Mansion is …

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Hull-House A Chicago landmark, now a museum, which in 1913 was widely believed to house a living “Devil Baby.” Hull-House is still included in some haunted tours of Chicago and is said by some to exude an uncomfortable atmosphere. Hull-House was built in 1856 as the residence of Charles J. Hull. Located in what was then the southwestern suburbs of …

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