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Onimancy Onimancy (or Onycomancy) is a form of divination based on the observation of the angel Uriel. It can also refer to the interpretation of spots on human nails. Etymology Derived from the Greek onux ('nail') and manteia ('prophecy') Methods Oil of olives or walnut oil mixed with tallow is placed on nails of the right hand or in the …

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The Demon Uriel is a Demon and wandering Prince of the air. Uriel has 10 chief dukes and 100 underdukes with numerous servants. They are evil, false, and deceitful, and reluctant to obey the commands of an Exorcist. They appear in the form of a Serpent with a virgin’s head and face. The 10 chief dukes are: Chabri Drabros Nartniel …

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