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( Note from Occult World – it seems that the Church of Lucifer seized to exist . If you go to their website it’s  written in Polish (??) – a little bit of research on the internet brought us to the personal blogsite of Frederick Nagash – he is setting up a new order called : Ordo Atra Draconis)

About the Church of Lucifer

The Church of Lucifer was founded by Reverend Robert Stills, 22nd American Generation of our tradition, whom ran the Church of Lucifer under the names of Order of the Archon, Temple of Shaitan and many others. It was then, when Reverend  Frederick Nagash was studying under Reverend Stills.

Later, Reverend  Stills died of cancer, and had made Reverend  Frederick Nagash, ordained 28th American Generation the High Priest of the Church of Lucifer. A few years later (1996), the Church of Lucifer was introduced to the internet. Reverend  Frederick Nagash was ordained only a short time before he took over the Church of Lucifer.

Reverend  Frederick Nagash, trained by Reverend Robert Stills, has studied and mastered all forms of magick. These include, but are not limited to, Enochian Magick, Luciferic Magick, Goetia, Hermetic, Necromantic, Chaos, Kabbalah and many other forms, too numerous to name here.

In 1997, Reverend Frederick Nagash had found another apprentice to teach our traditional ways. That is when Reverend  Satrinah Nagash had become his apprentice.

Reverend  Satrinah Nagash’s studies prior to Reverend  Frederick Nagash’s training include: Tarot, Satanic Witchcraft, Herbal and Mineral Studies, Babylonian/Sumerian studies and Modern Satanism. She had decided that modern Satanism was not the way to go and had talked to Reverend  Frederick Nagash on several occasions through e-mail. That is when she took tutelage from Reverend  Frederick Nagash. After six months, they were married and her intensive training had begun in all forms of magick. Currently, Reverend  Satrinah Nagash is the 29th American Generation of our Tradition and is the High Priestess of the Church of Lucifer.


These are articles that where once presented by The Church of Lucifer – Enjoy them.

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