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Some people join religions so they will have a guide to follow, Satanism creates more questions over time then answers to my experience. From these things i have thought about i came the conclusion of worth. I have my own philosophy. This phiolosophy is naturally how every living human already is, but i just clarify it to make things less confusing and so people dont override this with other beleifs…

My philosophy: Everything depends on if its worth it or not. For example, if there was a law to be enforced, but the punishment was a slap on the wrist, most people would realize the punishment isnt worth the caution of follwing that rule. So they would break the rules. That’s exactly why anton laveys philosophy is how it is, its based on the worth of things in accordance to basic human nature. They are things that have high punishments and consicuences for, thats why he advises not to do them, but there are always exeptions, where the consicuesnce of not following the rules will sometimes be the better one. There are always exceptions, you just have to figure out IS IT IS WORTH IT OR NOT?

I am not trying to convince you not to be a Laveyian Satanist, infact thats what my site teaches. I feel some people after looking at my site want to be Satanists, then they go following the rules mindlessly just to be able to call themself a Satanist. What i am doing with this page is trying to make you realize how the philosophy works so people have more of a reason to follow it then simply to be called a Satanist.

The secound point i wanted to state, is that Anton Lavey is not “god.” Some people go around worshiping lavey, if you do that you are contradicting your own lavey philosophy (if that is your philosophy), because you are not your own god if you worship someone else. Worship yourself, not Lavey. I think Anton Lavey has said some dumb things, but also some very smart things. People will sometimes say, laveyian Satanism is not a religion, but i could dissagree. The magick ideas, and the occult views of life can make it a religion. If you think a religion MUST have some sort of leader, then you have a differnet idea of religion. So far there is no agreeable definition of religon, so thats an undefined argument, because the word itself is undefined. People may claim they know the exact definition, and so will dictionaries, but no one actually agrees. Non-religiouse Satanism can be called an atheist philosophy, but Lavey Satanism is considerd a religion in America.

What i dissagree with on Laveys statements:

Lavey said in the Satanic sins:

“It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. ”
My argumeant on this is that it is. Not knowing something makes you do dumber things which hurts you in the end. The only time when this doesnt apply is when this stupidity or lack of knowlege is not needed, in which case i think its a waist of time to know if your not getting anything out of it. However times like that are very rare, so learn as much as you can. However, knowlege is only needed to be able to indulge, so my personal philosophy is indulge over knowlage. Knowlege is useless unless needed for indulgence of any kind. Some things are just simply interesting and knowing something for the fun of knowing it is indulgence itself… Just do whats fun. Stupidity makes it harder to have fun.

I personally hate the rules Anton Lavey wrote. Its not those particular rules, but the fact that they are rules. I think your will is the only worth while rule to follow, however there are others that people are forced to follow.

I think Anton Laveys rules are mostly an excuse to write more on his philosophy. I think the one true Satanic philosophy is do what thou wilt. Meaning do what you want in accordance to your will. I am a Satanist, but i am not a lavey Satanist for the reasons i just said. I think everything but the statements, rules, and sins were great, but i dont see the need for those things. I think he was trying to make the philosophy of Satanism into a religion. He did a lot of un needed things simply to make it more of a religion, which was his scam to make more money. If your a Lavey Satanist and want to know more about Satanism beyond Lavey read Aliester Crowley. He has said much better things. I’m not saying not to be a Lavey Satanist, i am just saying why i choose not to be one. I hate the guilt factor when i think “oh no, i did a Satanic sin.” If your life needs those rules, follow them, if you already follow them and might as well make them your rules go ahead, but if you think you may break the rules and you dont need rules… I recomend just not following them.

” Love is the law, love under will. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”
-Aleister Crowley

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