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The order was founded by Dr. J. H. Morgan in New England in 1876. It consisted of men and women who agreed to abstain from alcoholic beverages. It was organized by Freemasons who wanted to form an economical and safe method of providing life insurance to its members.

Its strength lied in New England but was also located in New York, District of Columbia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. It claimed to be one (if not the first) of the societies to admit women on an equal rank as men.

According to Alan Axelrod the United Order of the Golden Cross have been absorbed into the Woodmen in 1962 so it seized to exist. The only thing strange about this is that the Woodmen is strictly a fraternal organization for white male. ( and not female ) It looks that they were absorbed into the Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle – the female branch of the Woodmen of the World.

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