Changi Old Beach Houses

On paper, this place seems like a good idea. Need a break from hectic work life? Renting a house near the beach would be the perfect getaway. However, you might be in for something a little more sinister.

The Legend:

People have reported feeling like they were stared at and some have even returned home with scars. People have also complained about doors creaking open and shut non-stop, and at night, witnesses claim to have heard a woman wailing.

Changi Beach was used as the site of the infamous Sook Ching massacre during WWII and many people say the souls of the innocent slain continue to roam the beach, weeping and wailing in the night. Passers-by also claim to have spotted bloodstains.


Changi Beach is a popular spot for locals to enjoy picnics, fishing, jogging, and other weekend activities. However, despite its peaceful surroundings, Singaporeans list is as one of the most haunted spots in the city state due to its grim past.

This beach was a popular execution site for the Japanese during the Sook Ching massacre in World War II. Dozens upon dozens of innocent Chinese were tortured, beheaded and killed here because they were suspected to be involved in anti-Japanese activities. Due to the terrible events that happened at this beach, ghosts of the people who were executed are said to roam this place. Locals have reportedly heard mysterious cries, screams and seen bloody stains appear on the sand. Heads of Chinese bodies have also been spotted flying over the beach with headless bodies walking along the beach. How spooky is that!

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