Oculomancy is a form of scrying that involves gazing to the questioner’s eyes and interpreting the reflections.


Derived from the Latin oculus (‘eye’) and Greek manteia (‘prophecy’)


The diviner gazes into the questioners’ eyes and reads the reflections. It was used to identify thieves by the turning of their eyes when associated with certain obscure ceremonies.

Here is a list of associations with eye color and sensations of the eyes that are being used in Oculomancy:

Gray eyes: Prudence, practicality; and moral strength.
Hazel eyes: Intelligence, firmness, sincerity, ambition, and friendliness
Green eyes: Pride, impetuousness, but also considerable passion
Blue eyes: Forthrightness, gentleness, generosity, loyalty, modesty, and forgiveness
Brown eyes: Consistency, hope, nobility, nervousness, and truthfulness
Black eyes: Goal orientation, self-assurance, extravagance, devotion, and passion
Right eye itching: Humorous circumstances and laughter in store
Left eye itching: Impending sorrow
Eyes set closely: Intelligence
Large eyes: Sincerity, industry, loyalty, affection, and intelligence
Small eyes: Honesty, with a tendency toward a heated temper and recklessness