Candle Burning Service

CAN’T BURN CANDLES AT HOME FOR YOUR SPECIFIC GOAL OR DESIRE? NO PROBLEM – Tell us Your Problem or SPECIFIC reason why you want us to BURN CANDLES for you – and We Will Burn a Candle right here on our ALTAR, especially for YOU!

We will write your personal desire or wish on a Piece of Blessed Parchment Paper with a Dove’s Blood Ink Pen and Light your candle at just the right time, letting the Power of the candle magnetize & super-charge your request with Positive forces & vibrations to achieve MAXIMUM EFFECT!

Pictures of your written desire and the candle burning is included in this Service.

Furthermore, with this Candle Burning Service we are offering FOR FREE our REGULAR Membership. That means that you will also receive an Astrology Report and a Tarot Course. You can also read all of our books in our Library. This is also INCLUDED in this SPECIAL OFFER. ( Worth $15 )


In order to set lights for you on one of our altars, we would like to know your name, the name of the person for whom the candle is being set (yourself or someone else), and your request regarding the situation. It helps us if you can also tell us the birth-dates of the parties involved and send a picture of the persons for whom the candles are being set.

We have four altars for prayer requests — (1) money, luck, prosperity, and career success; (2) love, romance, sex, reconciliation, and friendship; (3) enemy work, hot footing, cursing, and reversing evil to the sender; and (4) blessing, healing, wisdom, and protection: If you do not indicate on which altar you wish your light to be set we will choose the most appropriate altar for you.