Agon Shu

Agon Shu Buddhist association


Agon Shu (Agon Shu Buddhist Association) is a Buddhist organization based on the Agon Sutras which Shakyamuni Buddha originally taught to his disciples. Agon Buddhism is also described as “Original Buddhism”.

The word “Agon” comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit word Agama which means transmission.

Agon Shu was established as a Buddhist organization in 1978 by Seiyu Kiriyama. He is the spiritual leader of the organization and is referred to as kiriyama Kancho.

Agon Buddhism originated in Japan, but its concerns and its vision are global in scope. Agon Shu takes its inspiration from the Buddha. It encourages everyone to embrace the path to liberation and salvation that the Buddha taught. Agon Shu believes that this is the only sure way to personal fulfillment and to peace and harmony among the peoples and nations of the earth.

Faith in Buddhism consists of three main elements: the Buddha, the dharma, and the sangha. These are considered the correct or fundamental basis on which Buddhism must be grounded. The integrity of any Buddhist organization depends on its adherence to these elements.

Buddha is the ultimate object of worship in the Buddhist faith. In Agon Shu, this object is a relic of the historical Buddha. Relics have been deeply revered over the ages among Buddhists as sacred objects in which the Buddha’s spirit resides.

The dharma comprises the actual teachings and discipline or training methods, of the Buddha.

Sangha refers both to the community of religious followers and its leaders. Agon Shu is a sangha in which the leader is Kiriyama Kancho. Study and training in these three important elements will help to create a more highly evolved, person who is better able to meet the challenges of the 21st century.