Aido-Hwedo Fon (Benin) The cosmic serpent, a servant of the Creator, Mawu-Lisa. Aido-Hwedo existed before Mawu-Lisa and participated in the creation of the universe. Aido-Hwedo carried the Creator in his mouth as she created the world. Wherever they rested there are mountains, which were built up from Aido-Hwedo’s excrement. When the Creator was finished, Aido-Hwedo curled himself around and under the Earth, where he continues to hold everything in the universe in its place. Aido-Hwedo was seen as the rainbow or as light reflected in water.

Taken from African Mythology A to Z – Library Binding – May 1, 2010- Second Edition – Written by Patricia Ann Lynch (Author), Jeremy Roberts Dr (Editor) – Copyright © 2004, 2010 by Patricia Ann Lynch


Also known as:

Aïdo Wedo


Dahomey (Benin)

Aïdo-Hwedo, the primordial cosmic serpent, is the primeval creative force, the power that enabled the Creator to form the universe. Aïdo-Hwedo existed before Creation. Because Mawu-Lisa, Dahomean creator, was carried in Aïdo-Hwedo’s mouth during the process of Creation, Earth’s shape corresponds to a serpent’s movements. When Earth was complete, Mawu realized there was too much; Earth was too heavy and required something on which to rest. Aïdo-Hwedo was directed to coil into a circle and become a cushioning support for Earth.

Earth is extremely heavy; Mawu created the sea so that Aïdo-Hwedo may rest in comfort. When Aïdo-Hwedo shifts, Earth quakes. S/he eats iron bars forged by red undersea monkeys.

When all the iron bars are gone, as eventually they will be, hunger will drive Aïdo-Hwedo to eat her own tail and Earth will collapse into the sea.

Dahomean Aïdo-Hwedo encompasses both male and female: two serpents so intensely bonded and inseparable that from an esoteric perspective they are one even though they are also a pair (in the same sense that marriage unifies two individuals). One serpent supports Earth; the other lives in the sky as the Rainbow. Arriving in Haiti amid the slave trade, Aïdo-Hwedo split into two, although the two parts remain inseparable:

• Damballah Wedo: male snake

Ayida-Wedo: female rainbow serpent

See Also:

Ayida-Wedo; Damballah; Matronit; Shekhina


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