Ajok (Adyok, Naijok) Lotuko (Sudan) The Supreme God and Creator. Although Ajok was benevolent, humans had to make constant prayers and sacrifices to maintain his good nature. In a tale about the origin of death, a quarrel between a husband and wife led Ajok to make death permanent. The couple’s child had died, and the mother begged Ajok to bring the child back to life. When he did, the woman’s husband became angry. He scolded his wife and killed the child. Ajok declared that he would never again bring anyone back to life; from that time on, death would be permanent.

Taken from African Mythology A to Z – Library Binding – May 1, 2010- Second Edition – Written by Patricia Ann Lynch (Author), Jeremy Roberts Dr (Editor) – Copyright © 2004, 2010 by Patricia Ann Lynch