Albunalich: One of several demons said to serve beneath the infernal king Maymon. In the Joseph H. Peterson translation of the Sworn Book of Honorius, Albunalich is associated with spirits that have a tall and gracile
appearance. Pale or yellow in color, they can summon snow and ice and also influence the emotions of anger, hatred, and sadness. They are connected with the planet Saturn and with the direction north. The angels Bohel, Cafziel, Michrathon, and Satquiel govern Albunalich and all demons connected with the planet Saturn. In the Driscoll edition of the Sworn Book, this demon appears under the name Albunalith, but his attributions are somewhat changed. In this version of the text, Albunalich is a king of the north who rules the element of earth. He is said to be able to impart knowledge of things to come and can also speak on things from the past. He has the ability to make people grow angry with one another, inciting rancor and causing the baring of swords.
On a lighter note, despite being a creature of earth, Albunalich is said to be able to bring temperate rains. He also takes great joy in wearing down an utterly frustrating anyone seeking treasures—presumably treasures that are buried in his domain of the earth.

Source : Dictionary of Demons by Michelle Belanger

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