And Hello to a New One – Ghost Story

If you have read my story, “Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend”, you will know that I “lost” my long time ghost at my home. As I said before, it was a bittersweet experience, for though I rejoiced in knowing he had gone on to greater things, I missed him. He was, weirdly enough, a friend , and a great source of stories for my…

But…it now seems as if I have yet another friend to enjoy (hopefully)… Since my original ghost left, things had been quiet. I had expected as much. The only really odd thing that had been happening was that the spare bedroom door simply refused to stay closed, a problem I had not experienced until just a few weeks ago. I would close the door (which is old, and drags, so it would be difficult for it to just drift open), only to find it open a while later, or when I awoke the next morning. I thought this was odd, to say the least, but dismissed the event, since I knew the ghost had gone..or so I thought.

Things came to a head last week, though, and I have learned that I have yet another ghostly companion in my home. I had been hearing odd little noises at random times (which I still hear)..sounds that I could not put my finger on the origin..strange “popping” noises..making me think, of all things, of someone striking a fist against a pillow..that sort of muffled, but loud sound.

Last Monday evening, I was collecting some documentation I had gathered for my mother, who lives here with me. She had an appointment with a case worker the next morning at the local Social Services department, and like most government offices, required tons of records, pharmacy bills, copies of checks, monthly bills, etc. I had been gathering the needed documents for weeks, and had finally amassed them all. On Monday night, I took time to gather them all together in preparation for the meeting the next morning. However, the print out from the pharmacy could not be found. I had got the printout weeks earlier, and had placed it where I thought it would be safe, and easy to retrieve, but when I went to get it, it was no where to be found. A massive search ensued. I tore the house upside down looking for that stupid printout..checking anywhere and everywhere I could imagine, but still no printout. Finally, disgusted and resigned, I gave up. We would take the balance of the documents to the meeting, and I would once again go through the hassle of getting another copy from the pharmacy.

On Tuesday morning, we got ready to leave for the appointment. Just as my mother and I were going out the door, I suddenly remembered a bill I needed to mail, and went back into the family room to get an envelope. As I picked the envelope up, I turned toward the entertainment center, and something caught my eye. There, laying in obvious sight, where both I and my mother are positive nothing was before, lay the much sought after print out…I was happy, of course..but it also made me begin to wonder… The circumstances of this event were so familiar…the same type of thing had happened over and over when my friend the ghost had been around..could I now have a “new” visitor, or perhaps just now becoming aware of a presence that might have been here all along?

Once again, I turned to my psychic friend (the one mentioned in the first story)…and what she had to say was a pleasant surprise… According to my friend, I did indeed have a “new” friend, although he had been in residence for some time, he has only recently decided to make his presence known, thus explaining the odd noises, the door, and of course, the appearance of the lost print out. Eventually, he, too, will wish to “cross over” and explore whatever fate awaits him..but for now, he is content to remain, she said, and “help me out” for a while…

I can't say I am disappointed…grin…and am looking forward to seeing what new experiences I may have with my friendly ghost……

© Paulette Boyd

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