[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nemoscopy is divination by means of the study of winds. This type of divination involves the observation of wind direction and strength, including the shape of dust clouds lifted by it.


Ancient Greeks practiced wind scrying in the sacred grove of Dodona, which was dedicated to their main god Zeus.
Psellus referred to this technique writing “there is a mode of predicting by means of the air and the leaves of the trees. The method involved the hanging of striking wands from branches of sacred oak trees in a way that they struck resounding brass basins when the wind blew.”


Divining by the sound of the wind involves discerning answers and messages directly from the changing sounds of stronger winds or even the sounds of wind chimes moving in gentle winds. On a windy day, if one stood still, they could hear tones or perhaps 'whispers in the wind' of the trees as the moving air carries sound vibration.

A pendulum variation of anemoscopy involves holding a pendulum over a circle lined with runes or other symbols and observing how the wind blows the pendulum.

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