Antaura is a Greek Demon of migraine headaches. Antaura is a female Demon, who rises up out of the sea, moves like the wind, shouts like a deer, and cries like an ox. She enters into people’s heads to cause intense pain. She commands other headache Demons to do the same. Antaura is thwarted by the goddess Artemis, who rules the woodlands and the waxing moon. In lore Artemis diverts Antaura into the head of a bull in the mountains.

The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology – Written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley – Copyright © 2009 by Visionary Living, Inc.

Antaura, a disease Demon, lives in the sea. She enters a human head, infecting it with lingering, protracted migraines. She is counteracted by Artemis of Ephesus. Artemis prevents Antaura from entering humans and may divert her toward cattle instead.

If one suspects Antaura of causing harm, the next step is to invoke Artemis. The confrontation between them is the subject of several amulets found in a third-century CE coffin in Roman Carnuntum, now Austria. The amulets themselves should be sufficient to ward off Antaura.


She is described as shouting like a deer and crying like an ox.


Wind (Air); water


Deer, ox


  • Artemis of Ephesus


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