Lady of the Grove; She Who Dwells by the Sacred Grove



Arnemetia is the goddess of the healing springs of Buxton, Derbyshire, England. The spa at Buxton is unique as there are actually two springs situated closely together, gushing out two kinds of water. The Romans and the Celtic people they conquered may have disagreed on many things, but they shared a love of thermal baths and the spirits who preside over them. The Romans established a settlement near Arnemetia’s springs circa 78 CE, calling the sacred spa Aquae Arenemetiae: Waters of Arnemetia.

Beyond some limited archaeological evidence and Roman inscriptions, little else survives regarding Arnemetia. Her name contains the Celtic word nemeton, meaning “sacred grove.” She had a temple by the spring presumably complete with grove. Drinking her waters is believed to alleviate illness, especially chronic wasting diseases. The site remained sacred post conversion to Christianity, but the waters were rededicated to female saints. Saint Ann’s Well, as it was renamed, was a major pilgrimage site until the Reformation. It is still the site of an annual well-dressing festival.




Coventina; Sequana; Sulis


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