Astral Plane

The astral plane is a plane of existence that lies next to the physical realm. The astral plane has a high or divine level and a low level. The divine level is solar in nature and contains the blueprint for all things, archetypes, and the living entities formed by thought, ideas, Sigils, Symbols, Numbers, and so forth. The divine level reflects the emotional nature of individuals and the collective and is the realm of the collective unconscious. The low level is lunar in nature, is the abode of certain entities, and is the first sphere of existence reached by the soul after death.

The astral plane is important in magical work. In kabbalistic terms, it corresponds to Yetzirah, one of the Four Worlds. The astral plane is connected to the physical plane (Assiah, another of the Four Worlds) via the subconscious and intuition. evocations can be done on the astral plane; some magicians work strictly at this level.

The astral plane has no natural landscape of its own but is white and formless. It consists of astral matter, which can be magically manipulated like a form of proto matter to create Thoughtforms. Duplicates of everything in the physical world exist on the astral plane and pre-exist everything on the physical plane. In magic, nothing can exist on the physical plane without existing first on the astral plane. Things can be created magically on the astral plane; they eventually will manifest on the physical plane. Things are constantly created on the astral plane by visualization, goal-setting, meditation, affirmation, prayer, and so on. Without sustained intensity, however, such thought-forms do not last long enough to manifest on the physical plane.

Low-level entities inhabit the astral plane, such as those personalities who often are evoked through talking boards, planchettes, and automatic writing. These entities may engage in masquerades, passing themselves off as something that appeals to the person on the other end.


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