Auvergne Werewolf (1558)

Auvergne Werewolf (1558) Woman executed for being a Werewolf. The case of the Auvergne Werewolf took place in 1558 and was reported by the Demonologist Henri Boguet in his book Discours des Sorciers (1602).

According to an account related to Boguet by a “reliable source,” the events in the case unfolded in the following manner:

A gentleman asked a passing hunter to bring him some of his kill. The hunter was attacked in the woods by an enormous wolf. He tried to shoot it but could not wound it, and was forced to fight it with his hands. He was able to cut off one of its paws with his hunting knife. Howling, the wolf fled. The hunter took the paw to show to the gentleman, who lived near the place where the attack had occurred. When the hunter took it from his pocket, he was astonished to see that it had changed into a woman’s hand with a ring on one finger. The gentleman recognized the ring as belonging to his wife. He went immediately into the kitchen, where he found his wife hiding her arm in her apron. He seized it and saw that she was missing one hand.

The wife confessed to transforming herself into a wolf in order to attend a Sabbat. She was burned alive at the stake in Ryon.



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