I didn’t know this, or perhaps I blatantly chose to ignore it because I live nearby, but Bedok is apparently a literal ghost town. It appears to be your average neighbourhood, but if the stories that have been told are anything to go by, it apparently has a rather shady past.

The Legend:

The scariest one of the stories I’ve heard is set in Bedok Block 99. The tale begins with a jilted wife who committed suicide with her son after writing “It’s not over, darling” on the walls in blood. Her adulterous husband moved into the house with his mistress and later had a son who complained about being bullied by his “older brother.” The family also claimed to have heard cupboard doors banging at night.

Read a more in-depth (and freakier) telling of the story here.

Another urban legend features a boy who died near the Bedok North PIE. The area is reportedly haunted by his grandmother’s ghost. There’s also an abandoned hut on a hill near Kaki Bukit – the site of numerous hangings.

How can we forget the recent string of suicides committed at Bedok Reservoir as well, where 5 bodies were found in 5 months? Some joggers have since complained about hearing ghostly wailing at night, and an invisible force pulling them toward to waters while on their runs at the reservoir.