bemba Bambara (Mali) The Supreme Being of the Bambara tribe of Mali, in West Africa, according to one set of tribal myths. Bemba was the master of the air. He was responsible for creating a great flood on Earth.
To ease his loneliness, Bemba created a set of twins, Pemba (who was a male creator figure like Bemba) and his sister Musokoroni (the goddess of disorder). Pemba was an obedient child while Musokoroni was stubborn and continually argued with Bemba. She teased the gods, causing much mischief in heaven. Bemba forbade Musokoroni to visit Earth, fearing the damage she might do to humans. But Musokoroni talked her twin into taking a peek at Earth. Pemba agreed and they slipped down to Earth on an umbilical cord. Musokoroni severed the cord, in order to escape Bemba’s rules forever. When Bemba found out, he created a second set of twins, Faro and her brother Koni, and sent them down to Earth in a golden canoe. Bemba hoped they would be a good influence on the first set of twins. But their arrival only made Musokoroni jealous. She began to infect humans with her wildness, enticing them to have sex with her, then destroying them and their villages. Not knowing how else to stop Musokoroni, Bemba sent a flood to drown her and cleanse the Earth of disorder.

Taken from African Mythology A to Z – Library Binding – May 1, 2010- Second Edition – Written by Patricia Ann Lynch (Author), Jeremy Roberts Dr (Editor) – Copyright © 2004, 2010 by Patricia Ann Lynch