Boat Ghost" – Ghost Story

In South California, a Vietnamese man went to a temple one day. On his way back to the car park, Loong saw a girl. She was all drenched in her long white robe. She asked him if he could give her a ride to her house. He was a nice man, so he drove her home.

When they got into the car, he asked her where does she live. She gave him an address and Loong's surprise, it happened to be the house of someone he knows. When asked, she told him her name was Minh and she was the daughter of Loong's friend. Loong was puzzled as he never knew his friend had a daughter.

Anyway, he dropped her off, send his regards to her family and said he might drop by some day.

Weeks later, Loong came to visit the family. After he was seated, he asked where is Minh. Everyone in the family got a shock and stared at Loong with a blank look. He was taken aback but asked, “What happened? Some thing happened to Minh?”

His friend stared at Loong for a while before he could ask, “How did you know Minh?”

Loong told him he met Minh at the temple and he even gave her a ride home. Everyone in the family were looking at each other with such an astonished look. Then Loong's friend said, “Yes, indeed we have a daughter called Minh. Back then, we came to America illegally and the boat ride was risky and dangerous. Some of them made it, but many others didn't. Minh happened to be one of the unfortunate ones. She has been dead for almost 20 years!”

The wife brought a picture of Minh and Loong knew he had met Minh, not herself but her spirit.

By Tracy of USA