Boggo Road Jail in Brisbane, Queensland.

Visited this place myself on a ghost tour about a year ago and its definitely creepy alright! Boggo Road Jail is one of Australia’s most notorious prisons in history, being associated with dramatic riots, hunger strikes, daring escapes and roof-top protests over the horrible conditions they were kept. It held some of the worst prisoners in Australian history including the Whiskey Au Go Go bombers James Finch and John Stuart, child killer Ernest Austin who was the last man to be executed in Queensland, the Longreach Cinderella murderer Florence MacDonald (please don’t research about Florence as what she did was absolutely horrific and one of the worst stories I have ever read, I’d hate for people to become aware of it), Murderous Brisbane brothers Patrick and James Kenniff who were the Australia’s last bushrangers, robber Nathan Jones who is now a professional WWE wrestler, Arthur “Slim” Halliday aka “The Houdini of Boggo Road” who managed six escape attempts (two of which were successful) and more…It opened in 1883 as Brisbane Gaol and was home to many “lifers” which earned its reputation as one of the most notorious prisons in Australia. It was unofficially named “Boggo Road Jail” after the road which led to it that became a boggy quagmire after rain. It has had its fair share of hauntings, the most well known being Ernest Austin, who was the last person executed in Queensland. Stories tell of him laughing hysterically while being hanged and managed to slip one last giggle out before he died. This laughter can still be heard around the prison and he is often seen shrieking and laughing like a banshee at you from the upper floors. It is said that he made a pact with the devil to gather more souls which is why he still hangs around. The hauntings at Boggo Road Jail are that extreme that the past guards would refuse to work the night shift and even officers today will not go near the jail after midnight. Over 100 people were executed here in its 106 years of operation so you can understand the weird activity that goes on here. In 2014, Boggo Road Jail is a functioning Museum with daily ghost tours and on the last Sunday of every month the Prison Players bring the jail back to life with re-enactments.

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