Cassilis Downans

Cassilis Downans— Rocky green hills located in Scotland near the ancient seat of the Earls of Cassilis, famed (like the Cove of Colean) for being a haunt of FAIRIES, and singled out for mention in ROBERT BURNS’s poem “Hallowe’en”:

Upon that night, when fairies light,
On Cassilis Downans dance

A history of Cassilis Downans mentions a 17th-century earl, Alexander Kennedy, who frequently accompanied his young wife to the top of the Cassilis Downans “because she was anxious to see the fairies dancing there” (unfortunately, the story ended when the youthful wife attempted to run away with a gypsy boy, Faa; Faa and his gang were captured and executed by the earl, who locked his fickle wife away in a tower).


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