Also known as: Shamharush; Chamharouch; Shemharush

Classification: Djinn

Address him as Sidi or Lord: Chemharouch is King of Morocco’s Djinn. If other Djinn are giving you trouble, complaints may be addressed to Sidi Chemharouch. Although he is a Djinn, Sidi Chemharouch is also venerated as a saint in Marrakesh and elsewhere in Morocco. Sidi Chemharouch may be buried at the foot of Mount Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak. His grave, at the end of a deep gorge, beside a waterfall in the village of Sidi Chemharouch is believed to be a survival of a pre-Islamic shrine but, as of the time of this writing, non-Muslims are forbidden to cross the bridge leading to his shrine. Pilgrims visit all year round. There is little that Sidi Chemharouch cannot accomplish.

Days: Thursday, Friday

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