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Closets, Halls, Bathroom Walls

On the second floor of my house, there are four large bedrooms, located around a central hallway/landing, and a bath.

When central plumbing was added to the house, the doorway to the bedroom located to the right of the stairs was closed off, a bathroom enclosed on that end of the hall, and a doorway placed immediately at the right of the head of the stairs, leading into the bedroom. On the bedroom side of the wall, a closet was built where the doorway had previously been.

Perhaps these renovations may be the answer to some of the strange feelings people sometimes get while upstairs. The closet in this particular room has always been one that gave me (as well as others), a very uneasy feeling. As a child, I was sure that someone was in that particular closet, and fully expected, while in that room, to see the door creak open, and someone or something emerge. Likewise,on the opposite side of the wall, in the bathroom, there are feelings of being watched . The shower and tub are located along this particular section of wall. While bathing, I would sometimes be overpowered with the erie feeling of being watched. The odd thing was, it emanated from the shower wall, not outside the tub. I would even find myself examining the wall for hidden, tiny peepholes, so strong was this paranoia. Years later, after doing some reading concerning hauntings and the paranormal, I feel I may have stumbled upon the answer. Since the original hallway led through the bathroom area, and entered the bedroom through where the closet is now located, it seems logical to assume that this would be the path the ghost would travel. It stands to reason that he would follow the path known to him while living, thus the sensation of a presence where none would normally be. Poor fellow, he probably wondered why a wet, naked child was sitting in his hallway!

© Paulette Boyd

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