The Daily Ritual of Re-Awakening

This is a small ritual to start or end your day with.

It is based on Affirmation of your inner self.

It will enpower you with explosive energies towards your day.

This in itself is a form of Self-Deification rite!

Preparations: No real preparations need to be made, but if you have a crown it may come into play.

Ritual: First close your eyes and clear your mind of thought. Slow your breathing down and invision your self floating in a plane of nothingness, a void. You fall downward onto a throne of gold and jewels. While on your throne, a whole host of servents appear before you kneeling, and you say to them: “Otahil elasadi babage.

Who about you may take away my throne? NONE!!! I am the truest living god who may destroy or create all things with my workings. I rule this world!!!” “As I reign above” “So I rule below”

The Daily Ritual of Re-AwakeningBy Rev. Frederick Nagash
Church of Lucifer

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