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I have not seen or encountered any ghosts or supernatural beings myself. Nonetheless, I am often a witness to other people's experience with the paranormal. I could still remember that time when my schoolmates got themselves in trouble when they bravely taunted the supernatural beings.

I was still studying in grade school then. It was an all-girl school in Paranaque, Philippines. Many of the students would play the spirit of the glass (similar to spirit of the coin or an ouija board). Often, they chose to start at 6pm for they believed that is the hour when supernatural beings start to 'come out'.

That evening, four girls sneaked into a classroom on the fourth floor to play the spirit of the glass. All of a sudden one of the girls screamed, “Kapre!”

The rest of the girls stared at each other and began to feel frightened. Without a word, they stood up and ran away. As they were rushing down the stairs, they heard someone calling for help upstairs. They realised the girl who screamed kapre earlier was not with them. Fearing the worst, they ran back to her aid.

When they got to her, she was still sitting inside the classroom, struggling to get up. They went inside and started pulling her to them. They realised they were fighting with an unseen being who was pulling the girl on the other side. One of them said a prayer and after a while, they managed to pull their friend away.

All four of them were running down the stairs when I saw them. They were gasping for air in a state of shock. I took them to our guidance counsellor and they told us the story. The girl who screamed sustained a deep scratch mark on her leg. Later, she told us that she didn't actually see any kapre but she didn't know why she shouted. Then, when everyone ran away, she felt a strong hand grabbing her leg preventing her from getting up.

By Cheese of Paranaque, Philippines 



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